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Looking At Social Work Theories And Methods Social Work Essay Essay Example

Seeing Social Work Theories And Methods Social Work Essay Example Seeing Social Work Theories And Methods Social Work Essay Seeing Social Work Theories And Methods Social Work Essay This article will stay of four boss parts. In parcel one the exposition will give a short introduction and history to cultural work hypotheses and strategies. Voyaging frontward the exposition will take a gander at the significance and estimation of hypotheses and techniques corresponding to cultural work and how it advises design. All through, notice will be made to the most mainstream theoretician. Section two will perceive how cultural work hypotheses and techniques can be effectively applied in the medication and intoxicant field. Given an outline of this, it will be important to show how two cultural work techniques are picked, and applied, in the intervention of a representation example overview. Where relevant, parts from administration clients will be utilized to pass on more knowledge and equalization to the article. Section three will be an investigation of a cultural work technique utilized in the outline case study. From the technique, the article will research and measur e, in profundity, the way it supports hostile to unfair example. Section four of this article will prevail upon a consideration on how the student has increased a significant discernment base all through the staff and task. This examination will other than demo how the student will use this cognizance base in design. No examination would be finished without a brief articulation at how agonizing example can play a basic bit of future cultural work design. An underlying risk evaluation was done by the referral laborer, in the vena of an oppugning hypothetical record to put potential perils and threats to staff and other assistance clients, in any case as talked about by Smale, Tuson and Statham ( 2000 ) taking a qualities based assault would let referral laborers and cardinal specialists to function as confederates, facilitating administration clients to put requests and results. During mediation with Mr AB Sessionss, in the signifier of a trade hypothetical record, were done trying that farther evaluation turned into a method of duologue rather than simply a reality happening crucial the trading of contemplations and data. This assault is perfect with the model of undertaking focused example, fitting with this mediation ( Ford A ; Postle, 2000 ) Key work Sessionss began with Mr AB and from the earliest starting point the strategy was clarified and the points clarified, it was other than disclosed to Mr AB that because of organization strategies, and his footings and states of remain in obscurity cover, these Sessionss were cut restricted so a positive stoping to the expert relationship was sought after. It was other than thought about that this assault would chop down the force flimsiness in the relationship ; by the by the force will neer be to the full adjusted when working inside administrative and multi department processs ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2008 ) However as expressed by Dalymple A ; Burke ( 2000 ) it is important to try to approve rather so disempowere with the interest to equilibrate power connections. For this situation this can be confirm by the composed understandings in the signifier of the examination and bolster program . Week after week key laborer Sessionss consented to by Mr AB offered farther help as required and opportunity to reevaluate whether pined for results were being accomplished, as in the National Occupational Standards Key Role and sketched out by Supporting Peoples and the agency strategy and processs ( ODPM, 2004 ) . ( Walker A ; Beckett, 2007 ) . It is other than would normally be appropriate to non only cod data as part of the cardinal laborer Sessionss yet to equilibrate discoveries so as to deliver a general examination of perils and request ( Walker A ; Beckett, 2007 ) . All through the evaluation procedure it is important to be aware of the impacts of moralss, force, and demonstrable skill alongside hostile to harsh example. Middleton ( 1997 ) states that so as to approve, it is important to regard the individual, elevate their qualities and get bying capacities. It is henceforth important that cardinal specialist Sessionss be led with a non critical mentality. While admiting the key specialist has various qualities and position to Mr AB demoing belief to individuals in all condition of affairss can be hard by and by as expressed in via Carl Rogers ( 1951, 1961 ) the human analyst the individual should demo they are echt, and depict sympathy and warmth. It become obvious as cardinal specialist Sessionss proceeded with that Mr AB was unwilling to arraign with this administration as he was in pre thought ( Denial ) ( Prowchaska A ; Di Clamentis 1996 ) . In any case, the threat of removal on the off chance that he did non stick to his states of remain was a significant worry to Mr AB similar to going destitute and holding to kip harsh. It is extremely of import to recover that as cardinal working mediates in the lives of helpless individuals these individuals have the privilege non to be casualties of unseasoned and conceivable unsafe interventions. This affirms the interest of seeing how hypothesis identifies with design and larning from exploration and grounds based example ( Rutter, 2006 ) This affirms Maslow ( 1970 ) who appears in his chain of command of interest, that before greater levels of popularity can be satisfied fundamental needs are required to be in topographic point. Hence to let Mr AB to travel frontward in his life he expects backing to get down a procces to set these requests in topographic point ( Giddens, 2006 ) . Mr AB during his cardinal work Sessionss talked about his sentiments and it was felt by him that no odds were detached to him and that he was battling against a general public that was harsh and keeping up him down. It was called attention to Mr AB that his place in the public arena was that of a way of life pick, that society is modifying to back up individuals to come on and that picks were loosened to him ( Giddens, 2006 ) ) . It is all things considered important to concede as expressed by Bronfenbrenner ( 1979 ) that various degrees of society will follow up on the people life class. Other than expressed by Jack and Jack ( 2000 ) people are stocks of their condition and can neer be to the full seen separately from each other. As expressed by Crawford A ; Walker ( 2005 ) sections have the conceivable to be harrowing even those that are arranged and invited. As the intervention system advanced and the help program sold positive outcomes remembering structure for self image affirmation which prompted Mr AB chasing and securing segment cut business Doel ( 1994 ) states that administration client rationale may debilitate and it was thus of import to go on back uping and advancing Mr AB S contribution and committedness to work. By following a hypothetical record that worked with administration clients qualities assisted with ensuring that an enemy of severe point of convergence was kept up. . Utilizing undertaking focused example as talked about by Ford A ; Postle ( 2009 ) closes were set which would back up the investigating and consideration of classs which give essential figuring machine achievements, with the accomplishment of each end expected to propel affirmation and farther intention ( Rooney A ; Larsen, 1997 ) . Thusly for this situation the arranged stoping and results have non been acknowledged, with occasions finding a substitute class of activity ( Walker A ; Beckett, 2007 ) . The primary segment of this article will lookA at the connection between cultural work strategies and substance abuse Refusal can other than be clarified as a resistance instrument system whichA is establishedA by aA person when there is aA dangerA that heA or she will go mindful of or actA onA unconsciousA crude urges that areA unacceptableA ( Freud, 1967 ) . ) . Knatz ( 1999 ) states that refusal is a resistance instrument by which people can get by with terrible universes. Be mindful that the term liquor abuse suggests infection/condition.A IfA youA utilize the term liquor fixation in assignments, be sure toA establishA that youA meanA to state liquor addiction and non liquor reliance ) . IfA youA useA generalA specifies around measurements on intoxicant, look to make reference to British insights, you could use National Treatment Agency site considers, Office of National Statistics ( ONS ) , NICE rules on mediation of alcoholA dependencyA for British/UK informations, all accessible on line LetsA giveA theA wordA relationshipA an alternate definition from the dictionaries, forA opening theA meaningA of theA wordA much of the time leadsA to more prominent understanding.A - A tooA everyday, would be smarter to region, The word relationship has shifted definitions from various beginnings of writing. Strife is aA partA of practically every relational relationship.A ThereforeA it could be expressed that pull offing battle, An is importantA if the relationship is to beA long-lastingA and rewarding.A Jason and Beth have army battles and obstructions which keep them from holding a progressively viable relationship.A Interpersonal connections and conveying ( is a bipartisan road ) , exorbitantly conversational, state have commonality Beth and Jason seemA to sometimes communicateA between one another, aA furtherA factor which seems to loan to the deterioration of their relationship. It can offer ascent to more prominent tension, wretchedness, A sleep deprivation, and general hurt, reducedA self-esteemA andA affirmation, and at times upset family unit relationsA ( Fryer,1992 ; Jahoda,1982 ) . Book reference Hairdresser, G ( 2002 ) Social work with addiction.A Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire Berger, G. ( 1993 ) , Alcoholism and theA family.A New York: Franklin Watts Conville, Richard ( 1998 ) The importance of relationship in relational communication.A Praeger Publications.A Califonia. Heider, Fritz ( 1958 ) The Psychology of Interpersonal Relations.A LawrenceA ErlbaumA partners Jahoda, M ( 1982 ) Employment and Unemployment ( The Psychology of Social Issues ) .A

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Santas Reply - A Funny, Comedic Male Monologue

'Santa Clause's Reply' - A Funny, Comedic Male Monolog This independent comedic male monolog highlights Santa attempting to win back Mrs. Claus. On the off chance that you need to know how this upbeat couple self-destructed, read Mrs. Provisos piece in our rundown of comedic female monologs. It might be utilized by understudies, on-screen characters, executives for instructive or proficient purposes. Be that as it may, recall, it is simply a work of fiction. In all actuality, Mr. what's more, Mrs. Claus are joyfully hitched! Santas Reply Santa Clause: Dear Mrs. Claus... Since the time you left me for the Easter Bunny, my life has gotten totally inane. Without you, the North Pole really is the loneliest place on the planet. Without you close by, there has been nobody to keep me on my eating regimen. Ive pigged out upon treats and milk. I even took Rudolphs carrots. I ate up the gingerbread house nearby. The neighbors are enraged. Ive gotten so enormous, the reindeer have created back issues. On account of me, the sled presently surpasses its most extreme limit. I dont think Ill have the option to clear the Rockies this Christmas Eve. What's more, I cannot quit drinking. Ive been going to Eggnog Anonymous gatherings, yet they just arent making a difference. What's more, I waver to specify how crushed the mythical beings have been. They continue inquiring as to yourself. In this way, as should be obvious, without you, my life is ho-ho-shocking. It would be ideal if you return to me. I dont care if youre wicked or pleasant. Theres nobody else I need underneath my mistletoe. If you don't mind get back home.

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The Best Books We Read in May, 2015

The Best Books We Read in May, 2015 We asked our contributors to share the best book they read this month. We’ve got fiction, nonfiction, YA, and much, much more- there are book recommendations for everyone here! Some are old, some are new, and some aren’t even out yet. Enjoy and tell us about the highlight of your reading month in the comments. 1222 by Anne Holt Norwegian crime novel starring Hanne Wilhelmsen, a retired police detective, paraplegic, lesbian, and semi-misanthrope. A powerful snowstorm hits Norway, and the train Hanne is taking from Oslo to Bergen derails. Miraculously, all 269 passengers surviveâ€"the only casualty was the train’s engineerâ€"and hole up in a nearby hotel to wait out the storm. And that, of course, is when the murders start. Hanne Wilhelmsen is my new favorite detective: she’s a woman who takes advantage of the prejudices and assumptions often attached to her wheelchair; she’s more than willing to eavesdrop, to manipulate, to lie; she’s a crankier, less polite Miss Marple. This is actually the eighth book in the series, but the first to be translated into Englishâ€"I can’t wait to read the others! Leila Roy Above Us Only Sky by Michelle Stone-Young I picked up this book as a gift for my Lithuanian friends, and just had to take a peek before handing it off. Long story short: this book isn’t leaving my home! About a young girl in America from a broken home who one day discovers she was born with wings (yes, wings) and is then reconnected with her Lithuanian and German grandparentsâ€"omg. First, it’s told from multiple POVs, which works really well in this instance; second, it sneakily plopped me into WWII and I can’t bear ‘war books’ but this one made me BE in the war and experience it and feel ALL THE EMOTIONS; third, it delivers several family-related sucker punches that just left me breathless. I’m tentatively comparing it to Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, just with Lithuanian rather than African themes. And don’t worry, another copy is on the way to the original intended readers. Alison Peters Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie This has been a GREAT reading month for me, capped off a fantastic late-month streak of Station Eleven, Nimona, and Americanah back to back that made it nigh-impossible to pick just one! All three are excellent in their own completely different ways which made it even harder to compare, so in the end I devised an elaborate coin-toss system with the result of Americanah as the winner. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah is the story of Ifemelu and Obinze, college sweethearts born and raised in Nigeria whose lives diverge sharply when Ifemlu moves to the United States for school and Obinze is pushed into life as an undocumented worker in England. Both grapple with issues of race, identity, and belonging “big” topics that are explored in an intimate, immediate way. Beyond this basic plot description, I can offer only superlatives. Americanah instantly absorbing; Adichie’s story and characters absolutely grab you from page one and pull you along for the full five hundred pages . It is sharp and incisive and unflinching while being incredibly warm and compassionate. It’s the kind of book that elicits a sigh of disappointment at its incredibly well-written, satisfying ending because you just want it to go on forever. I am not usually the proscriptive sort, but I really think Americana is a book everyone should read.   Maddie Rodriguez Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson This eye-buggingly awesome novel follows a group of 2,000 people as their generation starship nears its ultimate destination: a habitable planet in the Tau Ceti system.They were all born on the ship and only know about Earth (which is still inhabited) through stories and ship’s records. When they get to the planet they’ve named “Aurora,” however, their carefully-laid plans evaporate and they must decide whether to roam around looking for other habitable planets in this system, or “return” to Earth. Robinson asks us to consider so many practical and ethical problems associated with generational space travel, terraformation, and colonization. I highly highly highly recommend that you read it. Rachel Cordasco The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehisi Coates One of our foremost intellectuals takes a look back at his Baltimore childhood, his complicated relationship with his father, and his circuitous journey toward self-awareness. Coatess is a dynamic voice that I look to for perspective and clarity on just about any issue of importance, and given recent events in Baltimore, it’s fascinating to watch him trace the origins of that voice.   His next book, Between the World and Me, doesnt come out until September, so those who cant wait should get their hands on this first-rate bildungsroman. Minh Le Born With Teeth by Kate Mulgrew I listened to this in audio almost entirely so that I could hear Kate Mulgrew say “born with teeth” through her teeth. Listener, it was worth it. I loved watching Mulgrew as Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager because of her strong, commanding presence, the way she was in charge of that whole star ship, the way she’d say “we’re just trying to get home.” (I really like her voice, okay?) People always praise Amy Poehler and Tina Fey for their no-holds-barred attitudes in their memoirs, but theirs are nothing compared to Mulgrew. Mulgrew never says she’s lucky, never thanks anyone for their help, never says that she is blessed: she had talent, she worked, and she was successful. End of story. I’ve never read a memoir by a woman that was less apologetic. It was fascinating and refreshing and almost off-putting to read about a woman who was 100% ego. I kept checking to make sure I wasn’t accidentally listening to Kate Mulgrew Reads Hemingway’s Autobiography or someth ing.   Mulgrew is a better writer than I expectedthere are some lovely sentencesand she tells some great stories about her big Irish family, New York theater, and the Kennedys, but the real reason to read this is to hear Kate Mulgrew talk about her hero, Kate Mulgrew. Jesse Doogan Capture (Elements of Chemistry 3) by Penny Reid Admittedly, I spent some time whining about how silly and unbelievable the previous two books in this series were (Attraction and Heat), but Capture pulled it all together. My personal theory is that books one and two are the longest prologue in the history of humankind and the actual story only happens in Capture. To sum up: college student Kaitlyn Parker is spending Christmas break in NYC playing gigs with her band. But when her sleeping arrangements fall through, Kaitlyn’s only option is to stay with Martin Sandekeâ€"the same guy who broke her heart last semester. Bad idea, or terrible idea? Martin’s previously cartoonishly alpha behavior mellows in Capture, and he shows genuine, sympathetic emotion. I also liked that the book wasn’t just about Martin chasing Kaitlyn around, but about Kaitlyn emerging from her shell and discovering what she wants. Plus, it’s unputdownableâ€"I stayed up until 7am reading! Definitely recommend this one if you’re in the mood for a fun, fast contemporary romance. You can even skip the first two volumes (and the prologue at the beginning of this oneâ€"skip all prologues, that’s my advice) and jump straight into it if you like. Tasha Brandstatter Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine A combination of poetry, essays, scripts, and images, Claudia Rankine examines racial aggressions inherent in daily life and the media. This is a challenging, thought-provoking book in form and content, and it left me thinking and with a compulsion to re-read. Andi Miller Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans (Harper, July 28) An Blitz evacueeraised until recently by a formidable, slightly-off suffragistand a small-time con artist team up to cheat and swindle their way through the war until a quest for justice complicates everything. It’s a good pitch; it got me to pick up the book, after all. But if you stop at the summary, you miss the full richness and delight of this lovely title: the characters are charmingly uncharming, the writing is always strong and frequently beautiful, the history is nicely done, and more. Basically, the book just works, and you should read it as soon as you’re able. Derek Attig Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon (Delacorte, September 1) Maddy, who is half Japanese, half black, has SCID a disease that makes her allergic to everything. She never leaves her house, and her schedule is very regimented and very protected by her mother and attending nurse. But when Olly and his family move in next door, suddenly Maddy takes a shine to him, even though she knows she can never meet him . Doing so might make her sick since she cant go outside. But Maddie decides she likes him too much not to try to meet him. With the assistance of her nurse, Olly visits. And thenso much more happens between them. This is a romance with immense amounts of heart to it. Maddy knows shes risking everything for this relationship, but she doesnt care. She wants to know this boy. Shes watched him and his family and she gets to know him and loves him more and more. Yoon’s debut novel is told in a fun format with doodles, doctor reports, notes, instant message exchanges, emails, and more. There is a fantastic twist in the book that took it from good to great for me it makes perfect sense, but never once did I anticipate it before it happened. Readers who love smart, fun, engaging, fast paced stories will want to pick this up when it hits shelves in the fall. It will be big and it should be. Kelly Jensen God Help the Child by Toni Morrison Morrison’s new novel, her first set in contemporary times, explores issues of race, class, color, and gender through a story about a young woman whose life has been defined by traumas she suffered in childhood. Bride is beautiful, successful, and deeply troubled. Reeling from a break-up, she has a car accident that leaves her stranded with a white family in the middle of nowhere while her wounds heal. There, Bride begins to unpack the experiences that shaped her and grapple with what it means to be a black woman in America today. This is a short, powerful novel packed with the kinds of razor-sharp observations readers have come to expect from Morrison. Though it didn’t go all of the places I wanted it to, I am still thinking about it, and I will be thinking about it for a long time. No one else does what Morrison does, and that makes this a read not to be missed. Rebecca Joines Schinsky Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling These days as an adult you can’t just read Harry Potter; you venture into what is a publishing phenomenon knowing that the series has sold hundreds of millions of copies, that there is a theme park and movie franchise and merchandising. It’s not a book, it’s a company. Anyway, I had a great time with it but was very conscious that I was reading Harry Potter while I was reading Harry Potter (if you know what I mean?). It’s a fun ride of a story and I completely understand kids’ love of it. Great, fun storytelling, well deserving of the praise and millions of copies sold. Johann Thorsson Headscarves and Hymens: Why The Middle East Needs A Sexual Revolution by Mona Eltahawy Mona (an amazing activist who earned my eternal respect by going up against Pam Geller) discusses gender relations, particularly lingering problems, in the Middle East as they relate to recent political upheavals and religious traditionalism. She’s brilliant and incisive and has been in the mix herself, so there’s a credibility here that not many can touch. Michelle Anne Schingler The Heir by Kiera Cass I enjoyed the first three books in the Selection series. I didn’t run around telling everyone to read them, but I liked them. I really liked the Selection Stories, particularly the one about Queen Amberly. It was about an hour into listening to The Heir that I realized what I was loving about it compared to my lukewarm enjoyment of America and Maxon’s trilogy: I hated the narrator, Princess Eadlyn. And I loved that. A lot of complaints I’ve seen about The Heir is that Eadlyn is a clueless bitch. Yeah, she is. I could use more YA with flawed female characters who need to grow their asses up. I’m looking forward to more of her story, and hope to see her grow into the queen she needs to become. Jessica Pryde Lost Boi by Sassafras Lowrey My expectations were so high for this book just based on the premise: a queer, punk retelling of Peter Pan. From the first page I was relieved that this was exactly the book I was hoping it would be. Lowrey’s interpretation works incredibly well, somehow incorporating so many familiar elements and even lines into a whole different setting. Not only was this enjoyable to read, it also left me thinking about gender, consent, and what it means to “grow up.” This is not a book for everyone: it is about living a 24/7 D/s relationship and also tackles homelessness, poverty, and addiction. But that was what made me fall in love with Lost Boi: it is absolutely unapologetic about what it is and who it appeals to, and I think that’s what makes it so successful. Danika Ellis Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry I’m diving into Westerns because of Mary Doria Russell’s fantastic Doc and Epitaph. I decided to start with the classicâ€"Lonesome Doveâ€"and absolutely loved the hell out of it. The characters are complex and interesting. The backdrop is this totally romanticized Western ideal, but its still stunningly beautiful. There are storms of crickets and rivers of snakes and grizzly bears and gunfights and and and… I finished it in a rush, which is a lot, because this is a chunkster of a novel. I basically didnt see my family for two days. Worth it. Nikki Steele Love is Red by Sophie Jaff I cannot and will not stop talking about this book. It’s equal parts creepy and charming, and does a great job blending fantasy into a modern thriller. Katherine Emerson is part of a prophecy, unbeknownst to her, and a serial killer terrorizing New York must get to her before the prophecy comes to fruition. The chapters alternate between Katherine’s POV and the POV of the Sickle Man, which is told in second person. With the perspective of the Sickle Man, the book gave me a Lolita vibe, where the narrator is completely twisted but you find yourself somewhat taken by their prose. It’s the first book in a trilogy and it’s unlike anything I’ve read recently. Definitely check it out. Amanda Diehl My Heart Is an Idiot by Davy Rothbart Full disclosure: Ive read My Heart Is an Idiot before. Ive read all of Davy’s books, and his magazine, FOUND, too. I just needed to read this one again. Davys essays are almost always about traveling the country, propelled or pulled by one love or another, and the strange things, people, places, situations he finds himself in along the way. I love his stories not only because I relate to them, but because one moment Ill myself laughing loudly and the next Ill be stunned into silence by one really real sentence that just gets to the heart of what its like to be a human with feelings. Readers seem to either love or hate Davys stories. I love themâ€"a lot. Lynn Crothers The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi I’ll be honest, Book Riot readers. I’m probably going to be talking about The Night We Said Yes a lot in the coming months. One of the reasons I read Young Adult fiction is for the nostalgia factor, remembering the ups and downs of being an angst-filled teenager, believing I knew everything. And my goodness, Lauren Gibaldi’s debut really brings in the nostalgia factor, with sweet and awkward romance, exciting misadventures, and those complicated friendships that really defined being a growing, teenager-and-almost-but-not-quite-yet-adult. Alternating between the past and the present, The Night We Said Yes tells the story of a group of friends, a lot of dares, and the aftershocks of a breakup and friend-gone-astray. It’s a lovely, breezy contemporary romance that I’m certain teens everywhere will relate to, while simultaneously challenging one another to similar nights full of memories, laughter, and the drama we pretended to dislike, but deep down, seriously loved. Eric Smi th Orient by Christopher Bollen I was wildly delighted by this smart, sexy mystery set in Orient in Long Island. Orient is a small town populated by old school locals and nouveau riche New Yorkers. Under Orients quiet facade hide scandals, crimes, affairs, and shady dealings. The locals are struggling to keep their town from being bought up by millionaires; theres a secretive government facility that might be the cause of the strange dead creature that washed up on the beach; and the accidental deaths of two residents may not have been so accidental. When a stranger arrives for the summer to help a resident fix up his home, he quickly falls under suspicion when a horrific crime is committed, and thats all of Orients hidden ugliness starts bubbling to the surface. This is one of those incredibly well-written mysteries that have such a great narrative and attention to detail that the mystery almost seems secondary. And it has a No way did that just happenOMG IT DID moment that had me reeling. This book is nasty and delicious and I loved it! Liberty Hardy Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire FullerClaire’s father convinces her that the world is going to end and that they need to protect themselves by separating themselves off from society. And he was lying. I love the response to dystopian-based paranoia here and the book has an awesomely clear and casual pace to it. Jessi Lewis The Penderwicks in Spring by Jeanne Birdsall I preordered this book last year, and when it arrived last month I realized I needed to reread the first three books in the series to get the full experience. Then I realized that my two daughters were old enough to understand the books now, so I started reading the first book out loud to them at night. We inched our way through the books with me reading one chapter a night out loud while The Penderwicks in Spring mocked me from the dining room table where it sat like a centerpiece. A few days ago my daughters and I began the third book, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to read the fourth one, immediately. I read The Penderwicks in Spring all in one helping, a box of tissues next to me the whole time. Birdsall has made me love this family so much her whimsical, loving writing makes her one of my favorite authors of all time. Karina Glaser The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihara I was a ridiculously huge fan of Yanagiharas 2015 second novel, A Little Life,  so I decided to read her debut. The two books are vastly different, sharing only a few similar themes. TPITT has shades of both Lolita and Pale Fire,  so if youre a Nabokov junkie, read it now. It also has two unreliable narrators, with one giving footnotes on the other. They are both pretty terrible people so if youre down for unlikable characters, read it now. But as for the meat of the book, this story of a scientist and a lost Micronesian tribe is about modern man and the way he taints everything he touches. Its also a look into the mind of a man who mistakes perversion for something good and noble. A book with big themes and big ambition. Jessica Woodbury Rat Queens, Volume 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’Rygoth written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, illustrated by Roc Upchurch and Stjepan Å ejic What is Rat Queens? Rat Queens is a gender-swapped Lord of the Rings, if Tolkien had dropped f-bombs instead of elven poetry. Rat Queens is coming home after a night of partying with your girlfriends and playing Dungeons Dragons. Rat Queens is a NSFW Discworld novel. The series follows the adventures of a band of mercenaries: Hannah is a rockabilly elven mage, Violet is a hipster dwarf, Dee is an atheist cleric from a cult that worships a Cthulu-like god, and Betty is a hippie Smidgen thief. This trade paperback, which includes issues 6-10 of the comic, follows Dee’s story as she struggles with her faith. And by “struggles,” I mean “battles,” because her family’s god, N’Rygoth, comes to visit. I have been waiting for this book since I finished the first Rat Queens trade paperback, Sass and Sorcery, months ago. Volume Two was everything I hoped it would be: laugh-out-loud funny, diverse, visually beautiful, and always surprising. If you love fantasy and like seeing genres subverted, check this series out. A.J. O’Connell Red or Dead by David Peace First things first. This is not as good as The Damned United. Bill Shankly, the fabled manager and architect of Liverpool FC’s glittering success during the 1960s and 1970s, is nowhere near as interesting a character as Brian Clough, the focus of Peace’s previous foray into the mind of a footballing genius. Compared to The Damned United’s taught timeline of 40 days in Clough’s career, Red or Dead sprawls over several decades and several hundred extra pages. But enough gripes. Red or Dead is still a cracking read. As usual, Peace marries form and content. Shankly’s likable but obsessive nature is reflected in the endless, hypnotic repetition of dates, names, scorers, and routine. It builds, through the triumphs and the disappointments, until the moment he suddenly, unexpectedly retires. After the onslaught of hundreds of pages of match reports, retirement stretches as an empty, listless future for both the reader and Shankly. When his career at Liverpool recedes, Shankly’s habitual nature is beached, leaving him stranded as a figure of pity. Poor Bill. Edd McCracken  Secrets from the Eating Lab: The Science of Weight Loss, the Myth of Willpower, and Why You Should Never Diet Again by Traci Mann I am a total sucker for nonfiction books about both food and science, so the combination of the two makes me ecstatic. Even if you’re not prone to dieting, Secrets From the Eating Lab has a lot of fascinating information about what drives our dietary habits. I loved reading about the eating studies and how certain cues affect everyone who eats food (which is pretty much everyone, right?). Very informative, very even-handed, and steeped in actual science instead of opinion. Susie Rodarme The Skies Belong to Us by Brendan Koerner Since airport security ramped up to infinity after September 11, 2001, it’s hard to imagine a time when air travel wasn’t a stressful hassle. Yet prior to the mid-1970s, and the idea of making passengers go through metal detectors or body scanners made airline executives so nervous they would rather take potential airplane hijackers to Cuba and meet their ransom demands. The Skies Belong to Us tells the story of a rash of skyjackings that began in 1968, focusing specifically on the love story of “shattered Army veteran and a mischievous party girl” who managed to pull off the longest-distance hijacking in history. This book is an absolute page-turner, made even more unbelievable because it’s all actually true. Kim Ukura Stallo by Stefan Spjut (Faber Faber, June 2) Remember the good old days when trolls referred to magical creatures rather than misogynists with Cheetos crumbs in their neckbeards? This strange thriller will take you back to that time via snowy Sweden. It seems to start as a crime novel about a troubled mother and a child abduction but soon woodland creatures start to act shady and Susso the amateur cryptozoologist has taken an interest. It kept me reading past my bedtime with a mixture of the sparse “Nordic Noir” style and the heavy richness of Swedish mythology, specifically that of the Sami people. Yes, the story jumps between viewpoints and it’s not always made immediately obvious what the characters are dealing with (other than snow, lots and lots of snow) but there’s plenty of tension to hold your interest until it becomes clear. You’ll never look at a lemming the same way again. Rachel Weber Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu (Translated by Ken Liu) Amidst the chaos of Chinas Cultural Revolution, an alien civilization makes first contact with a secret Chinese military facility. The alien planet is being destroyed, and they make plans to invade Earth. Here on terra firma, human beings split into factions, with some believing we should allow the aliens to destroy us because humanity is beyond saving, while  others want to ask the aliens to spare (but help) us. This is sci-fi at its hardest (hello, astrophysical theories and a hell of a lot of math), but also at its most philosphical: just how much faith should humanity have in itself? At the end of it all, are we really worth saving?   Amanda Nelson Tracks by Robyn Davidson When Robyn Davidson was 25 years old, she decided she was going to walk 1,700 miles across the Australian desert. She spent the mid-1970s training three camels, and with the help of a commission from National Geographic, spent nine months braving heat upwards of 130 degrees, belligerent wild bull camels, and prickly shrubs the likes of which only exist in the Outback. But the dangers were not solely environmental. Fearful, anxious moments after losing a compass, realizing the camels have wandered unusually far from camp during the night, and the increasing eccentricity that sets in after going weeks at a time without interacting with another human being. During her travels, Davidson describes the grandeur of her surroundings- the unyielding rusty earth dotted with crackling brush, the occasional distant rock formation splitting the horizon. And the less grandiose- Aboriginal villages with families squeezed together in tin huts, automobiles, and tents. The unfettered racism of many she meets along the way. A peripheral civil rights activist, condemnation of her homeland’s treatment of its first inhabitants permeates the book as an indelible part of the landscape. The film adaptation by the same name is available on Netflix. Ellison Langford Trash by Dorothy Allison While this collection of stories is slim, odds are it’ll take you a few days to trek through. I was confident it was a two-night read, but the gritty, harnessed prose slowed me up and caused it to take about a week. When you read one of Allison’s stories, it takes time to digest. As a reader I was encouraged to dissect each one, but felt as if the job had already been done for me intentionally. Digging for the deeper meaning seems entirely against Allison’s intention, but at the same time is gut-wrenchingly necessary. Everything is on the table. Aram Mrjoian The Tusk That Did the Damage by Tania James I don’t know what I was expecting out of this novel aside from an elephant narrator, but WOW. There is indeed an elephant narrator, which might sound cute to you. Let me assure you, cute is the last thing this book is. Powerful, compelling, beautifully written, with a stunning ending: yes. Telling the stories of those involved in elephant poaching in South India (including the elephant), The Tusk That Did the Damage will stick with you for a very long time. Jenn Northington Unbecoming by Rebecca Scherm I picked this book up because the title/cover caught my attention and I started reading it not knowing a thing about it. I was delighted to discover it’s the type of book that gives you little crumbs along the way, just enough mystery to keep you turning the page. It starts with Grace living in Paris, pretending to be someone else, working for a restorer (jewelry/antiques) and flashes back to her teens up until she fled to Europe from the U.S. Soon you realize pretending is what Grace does, becoming the girl she thinks others want her to be but which, if any, version is the real her? I’ve become (no pun intended) a big fan of the “unlikeable, flawed and complicated female character and this certainly delivered. Jamie Canaves The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth (Graywolf, September 1) Kingsnorth’s novel was on the longlist for the 2014 Man Booker Prize, and it seemed to me the most interesting book in the bunch. I waited and waited for a US release until I couldn’t stand it any longer and ordered a copy from the UKwell worth the trouble. It tells of the aftermath of the Norman invasion of England in 1066, and it does it in its own “shadow tongue,” a modernized and easily intelligible version of the Old English that was spoken before our language got all Frenchified and Latinate. It’s a sophisticated way to recapture the primitive brutality of the era, and the results are powerful indeed. The Wake has all the post-apocalyptic oomph of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and carries all the historical weight of Beowulf. Luckily, Graywolf Press is bringing the book to American audiences in September. James Crossley The Wicked + the Divine: VOL. 1, The Faust Act by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson, and Clayton Cowles I’ve had my eye on The Wicked + The Divine ever since I saw it announced via a two page spread at the end of Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick.   And after reading I’m both happy and sad I waited this long to read it: happy because I got to read a good chunk, sad because this is the best thing I’ve read since Saga.   The set up is this: every ninety years, twelve teenagers become reincarnated gods.  Two years later it’s lights out, no excuses, they all die.  This time around the gods are like pop stars: flashy, over the top, spoiled, and indulgent.  If that doesn’t sound awesome enough how about this: a Lorde-esque goth/punk Morrigan, a Rhianna-double as Sakhmet, a rapper who could be Kanye’s little brother as Baal Hadad, and a genderqueer Tilda Swinton/David Bowie mash up as Lucifer.  And that’s only the beginning.  Into this mix is thrown Laura, a biracial fangirl who very quickly learns that even godhood has its price.  With gorgeous art, an amazing storyline, and a truly diverse cast (so much diversity, beautiful, awesome diversity!), The Wicked + The Divine should definitely be on your list. Justina Ireland Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekbäck Swedish Lapland in 1717. Maija and her family have just arrived from Finland and are struggling to make a living on a homestead given to them by Maija’s uncle. One day, one of Maija’s daughters discovers a dead body on the side of a mountain believed to be the dwelling of the Devil. Currently living in Toronto, Ekbäck comes from Swedish Lapland, which gives her a direct insight to the history, culture, and climate of her debut novel. Apart from a number of historical facts that Ekbäck, considering her knowledge of the Swedish language, easily could have researched, Wolf Winter is an entertaining read. E.H. Kern Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed This is a book that completely took hold of me and didn’t let go until I finished it. The story follows Naila, who is a Pakistani American girl with conservative immigrant parents. As she is finishing up her senior year of high school and excited to leave her home to attend college, her parents find out that she is dating someone the one thing strictly forbidden. Worried that she is headed down the wrong path, her parents immediately book a flight for the family to spend the summer in Pakistan. However, the vacation turns out to actually be an opportunity for her parents to find Naila a husband. The chapters are short, which keeps you pushing through the story until you find out what happens to Naila, and Aisha Saeed does such a great job talking about arranged marriages and the lack of choices available to many girls in a variety of cultures. Rincey Abraham ____________________ Book Riot Live is coming! Join us for a two-day event full of books, authors, and an all around good time. Its the convention for book lovers that weve always wanted to attend. So we are doing it ourselves.

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Legal Analysis Of Lee P. Cao And Louann P - 1053 Words

Legal Analysis Lee P. Cao and Louann P. Cao, v. Huan Nguyen and Nega Pham (1) A representation of fact was made; Through the duplex case, we found a couple responding to an advertisement in which they had seen, which dealt with the sale of a living space. This space had been advertised as a duplex, which by definition, entails that it would be a home that would be divided into two separate apartments where potentially two different people(s) may reside. The representation of the property being a duplex residence was made. (2) The representation of the property being a duplex was false; Although the residence for sale had been listed as a duplex, the property itself did not comply with the space necessary to fulfill a duplex standard. Therefore, with this lack of space, the home did not uphold to the municipal code, which would legally accept it as a duplex. (3) The representation was made recklessly without knowledge of its truth. From the advertisement and information given by the sellers, we find that there are several factors when it comes to the question of whether or not the representation was made recklessly without the knowledge of its truth and as a positive assertion. The sellers disclosed the information that the home had been previously divided and rented into a two family dwelling which would lead one to think that it was in fact a duplex. Despite the layout of the home and reliance of fact from the previous ownership, now the sellers were also under theShow MoreRelatedWritten Report for â€Å"July at the Multiplex†6160 Words   |  25 PagesT. Plex and the Consortium FROM: Team 1 DATE: March 6, 2011 RE: Legal, Statistical, and Ethical Analysis of â€Å"July at the Multiplex† As per your request, we have arranged a report based on the incident that plaintiff, moviegoer Tommy, has filed a civil complaint about. This incident involved Tommy’s visit to the Royal 16 Theater, your property in the Eastfield Mall, intending to watch a movie, â€Å"The Governator.† This analysis examines the possibilities and outcomes of the possibilities in order

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Conflict between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland Free Essay Example, 4000 words

The state is comprised of six provinces and forms part of the region of Ulster. The majority of its kin have a place with one of the two groups: the Protestant relatives of Scottish and English pilgrims and a primarily Catholic group (Primo 2012, p. Religious and social customs merge with governmental issues. Unionists, comprised mainly of Protestant, need Northern Ireland to remain some piece of the UK. Patriots, Roman Catholic, have customarily supported union with the Irish Republic. Though a section of the UK, Northern Ireland oversees a significant number of its issues along its lines, including the education system (Whitten Kellstedt 2009, p. The country is slowly trying to come from the great conflict with IRA, which was famously known as The Troubles. The country is in the process of implementing a peace deal with the group so as to cease fire. The IRA (the Irish Republican Army) is a Catholic paramilitary association whose objective was to constrain the British out of No rthern Ireland and to be brought together with the Republic of Ireland. This relationship has existed subsequent to 1919 and is said to be in charge of the deaths of more than 1,700 individuals somewhere around 1969 and 1993.We will write a custom essay sample on Conflict between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page Sinn F in is the political party in Northern Ireland which has had the nearest cling to the IRA. This gathering has official MPs who are lawfully chosen for Parliament in London. Notwithstanding, they have declined to sit down there as a dissent against British political and military vicinity in Northern Ireland.

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Hurricane Igor Free Essays

When going to cnn. com I found that right away it had the link that I could click on to see all of the information about how Bermuda is bracing for hurricane Igor. Also, there are links that you can click on to view videos and live feed to see how bad it actually is. We will write a custom essay sample on Hurricane Igor or any similar topic only for you Order Now This site tells you everything you need to know such as sustained winds, the wind gust, and the latitude and longitude of the hurricane. The one thing I found interesting is it gives you a picture of the projected path that it is going. It also tells you what category, or size, the hurricane is. As of right now CNN is saying that hurricane Igor is going to affect the United States east coast over the weekend. CNN also gives you a link that you can recommend this website to people on your Facebook. This is a good thing on their part because with the Facebook link people can like it and see this article on your Facebook. They can see that you went to this site and they might look at it and like it too. This means more publicity for CNN and more people will view the top stories on there. CNN has a big article on how sever and damaging hurricane Igor is. CNN also tells you about any other hurricanes or tropical storms that were or are going to be dangerous to the east coast or Bermuda and what their projected paths are. When I went onto MSNBC. com I found the article right away, with big bold letters that say â€Å"Bermuda braces for ‘long and punishing’ Igor. † This right away attracted me to click on that headline so I can get more information on the weather and Igor. After clicking on the link there is a big picture of someone boarding their house up to keep it safe. Down at the bottom of the website it gives you three options that you can tell people about this story. You can email this story to a friend, you can share it on Facebook or you can share it on twitter. These are three main ways that people can spread this story to others so that they are aware of how sever the hurricane is. MSNBC. com also gives you a huge, well detailed article written by Elizabeth Roberts. She stated how sever the weather was in the beginning of the week. It was a category four in the beginning of the week and it has now gone down to a category two hurricane. The reporter talks about the sustained winds and the location of hurricane Igor. She tells you where it is headed and where it is going to impact. They also have this interactive tracker that shows you three different hurricanes and you can click on each one to find out how sever each one is and where it is headed. This gets updated every couple of minutes. You can also put in your address and it will give you the 5 day forecast. You can also click on a link that will give you archives of previous storms. FOXnews. com was one if the difficult websites for me. I went to their site and I didn’t see anything on hurricane Igor that caught my attention. I had to really look for this story, and I found it as I scrolled down and there is a little box that has the latest news, most read, and videos. The Bermuda story was far down the list and you had to click on the link to go to the story. When going into this article, there are no pictures of hurricane Igor, it is all words. This site gives you an article by Rick Leventhal, in which he writes about hurricane Igor. In this article he states that hurricane Igor is a category two hurricane and how it makes landfall with sustained winds near 110 miles per hour, gusting to 130. Fox news also tells you that the last major storm was back in 2003. So that is a paragraph that was interesting because it showed how they haven’t had one since then. It gives you how a hotel business has gone down by 50% since hurricane season started; this isn’t good for Bermudas economy. You cannot share this with anyone on face book or twitter but there is a place that you can leave comments and you can get follow up via email if anyone comments on this story. There is a link that you can click on that will take you to the author’s biography. It also gives you a list of all the articles he has written and there are someone other hurricanes on there. There are many similar things that all of these websites have such as telling everyone where the hurricane is located. It also describes in detail the wind gust and when it is suspected to hit the targeted area. Now when it comes to the difference there is a bunch of them. CNN from the beginning of the home page gives you a picture to look at, but also gives you a link to click on so you can view more. When you are looking on CNN you can see how they use bold writing when it comes to the sustained wind and wind gust, also the latitude and longitude. MSNBC on the other hand uses the hurricane interactive tracker to tell you all of that. I found that this is very detailed and very helpful. It is a different kind of tool that you can use to really see where hurricanes are going and who will be affected by them. MSNBC and CNN give you the option to send the information to someone by emailing, facebooking, or placing it on twitter. This helps them get more viewers and makes their rating go up for how many people view the website. Fox news on the other hand is not at all appealing for the weather. You have to really look for the article and when you find it, all it gives you is the article. The difference here is that there is not enough information for me about the hurricane, Igor. How to cite Hurricane Igor, Essay examples

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Business Sustainabilit Society and Planet

Question: Discuss about the Business Sustainabilit Society and Planet. Answer: Introduction: Business sustainability can be defined as managing triple bottom line, which is a process used by the organisation in order to manage and handle the social, environmental and financial risks, opportunities and obligations. All of these mentioned impacts can be referred to as planet, people and profit (Boons et al., 2013). Being a student in the class, I have learned the sustainability related themes in proper manner. The lecturer of our class has mentioned the potential issues, and challenges, which may influence the business within a particular industry. Even he has mentioned the appropriate approaches to the sustainable business. The approach solely relies on the accounting based perspectives, which fail to capture the exact time element, which is inherent in the business sustainability. From this course, I have come to know only those businesses, which are closely interlinked with the healthy economic, environmental and social system are successful in todays competitive business w orld. Schoenherr (2012) has referred that the sustainable businesses contribute to the healthy ecosystems, economic values and strong communities. The entire discussion session has been changed my ideas and concepts on the subject of sustainability. It is an interesting fact that my class members also possess completely different view on this particular topic. I have clearly understood the triple bottom line, which is an accounting framework with three important aspects of business and an organisation. These factors are social, financial and environmental factors. I was unaware of this triple bottom line framework for evaluating its performance in the broader perspective for creating a suitable business value. The ecological footprint can be considered as a resource accounting tool. The lecturer provides lecture on the global footprint and asks our ways to reduce it. I have considered myself as a concerning person of the waste management, recycling used products before evaluating my ecological footprint. However, I was ashamed after know the result of my ecological footprint as I came to know that there will be shortage of resources in order to maintain my usual lifestyle. I will take some effective measure to reduce the issues that are revealed after reviewing my ecological footprint. I will change my food habits and will become vegetarian for supporting the green environment. This step will reduce the practice of over fishing in rivers, lake and oceans. Our concepts and ideas of business have been shaped by our education, relationships, thoughts and culture. The lecturer has focussed on the five forms of capital, which an organisation will employ for delivering heir services and products, human and social, financial and manufactured and natural. As the entire business world moves towards the maintenance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and create a sustainable business organisation, therefore, the management should enhance their existing stocks of capital assets (Vom Brocke et al., 2012). The lecturer has mentioned that it is very hard to maintain a perfect balance in between the sustainable practices and successful outcome of the business operations. This tutorial class clearly illustrates the impish link of starting and ending scopes of CSR. The lecturer has provided relevant notes and lectures on the related theories, approaches of CSR. There are huge differences in the maintenance of sustainable business practices within the large corporations and small companies. The phase model of Dunphy suggests a perfect model of the corporate evolution and an accelerated sustainability management (Benn et al., 2014). Dunphys six phases of the business approaches to sustainability involve the rejection, non-responsiveness, efficiency, compliance, strategic sustainability and the sustaining corporation. We have learned how the companies can employ this specific model for accelerating the sustainable business practices within the industry. This model can be clearly understood as a survival model and it can help an organisation to improve its basic level of profit by minimum 50%. Telstra is considered as the largest media and telecommunication company in Australia, which follow sustainable business practices in efficient manner ( 2016). The commitment of this particular company focuses on the employee involvement, environmental leadership and interconnection of the stakeholders. Telstra is committed of being accountable and transparent for continuing its business operation in the telecommunication industry of Australia. The organisational policies and practices of Telstra never stop strive for improving their traditional business practices and always maintain fair, sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound business in potential manner. Osborne et al., (2014) have depicted that ethical, sustainable and socially responsible business practices are important for modern business. After completion of this particular class, I am confident enough to choose excellent process of business operation with a proper maintenance of CSR and sustainability. This class will help me in future in potential manner for understanding the necessity of maintaining the sustainable business. It will also help me to take effective decisions regarding my future business activities. Three weeks discusses completely different matters in order to provide a detailed overview on the sustainable business practices of organisations. No single education system is suitable to design our knowledge and concepts of the sustainable business practices. However, this particular tutorial has transformed my concepts and I have realised the actual importance of sustainability in the business practices. The theories we have learned in this tutorial should be employed after determining the range of the regional business of an organisation. I have understood that alone the business community cannot creat e sustainability. References Benn, S., Dunphy, D., Griffiths, A. (2014).Organizational change for corporate sustainability. Routledge. Boons, F., Montalvo, C., Quist, J., Wagner, M. (2013). Sustainable innovation, business models and economic performance: an overview.Journal of Cleaner Production,45, 1-8. Osborne, S. P., Radnor, Z., Vidal, I., Kinder, T. (2014). A sustainable business model for public service organizations?.Public Management Review,16(2), 165-172. Schoenherr, T. (2012). The role of environmental management in sustainable business development: a multi-country investigation.International Journal of Production Economics,140(1), 116-128. (2016). Retrieved 5 December 2016, from Vom Brocke, J., Seidel, S., Recker, J. (Eds.). (2012).Green business process management: towards the sustainable enterprise. Springer Science Business Media.