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Legal Analysis Of Lee P. Cao And Louann P - 1053 Words

Legal Analysis Lee P. Cao and Louann P. Cao, v. Huan Nguyen and Nega Pham (1) A representation of fact was made; Through the duplex case, we found a couple responding to an advertisement in which they had seen, which dealt with the sale of a living space. This space had been advertised as a duplex, which by definition, entails that it would be a home that would be divided into two separate apartments where potentially two different people(s) may reside. The representation of the property being a duplex residence was made. (2) The representation of the property being a duplex was false; Although the residence for sale had been listed as a duplex, the property itself did not comply with the space necessary to fulfill a duplex standard. Therefore, with this lack of space, the home did not uphold to the municipal code, which would legally accept it as a duplex. (3) The representation was made recklessly without knowledge of its truth. From the advertisement and information given by the sellers, we find that there are several factors when it comes to the question of whether or not the representation was made recklessly without the knowledge of its truth and as a positive assertion. The sellers disclosed the information that the home had been previously divided and rented into a two family dwelling which would lead one to think that it was in fact a duplex. Despite the layout of the home and reliance of fact from the previous ownership, now the sellers were also under theShow MoreRelatedWritten Report for â€Å"July at the Multiplex†6160 Words   |  25 PagesT. Plex and the Consortium FROM: Team 1 DATE: March 6, 2011 RE: Legal, Statistical, and Ethical Analysis of â€Å"July at the Multiplex† As per your request, we have arranged a report based on the incident that plaintiff, moviegoer Tommy, has filed a civil complaint about. This incident involved Tommy’s visit to the Royal 16 Theater, your property in the Eastfield Mall, intending to watch a movie, â€Å"The Governator.† This analysis examines the possibilities and outcomes of the possibilities in order

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Conflict between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland Free Essay Example, 4000 words

The state is comprised of six provinces and forms part of the region of Ulster. The majority of its kin have a place with one of the two groups: the Protestant relatives of Scottish and English pilgrims and a primarily Catholic group (Primo 2012, p. Religious and social customs merge with governmental issues. Unionists, comprised mainly of Protestant, need Northern Ireland to remain some piece of the UK. Patriots, Roman Catholic, have customarily supported union with the Irish Republic. Though a section of the UK, Northern Ireland oversees a significant number of its issues along its lines, including the education system (Whitten Kellstedt 2009, p. The country is slowly trying to come from the great conflict with IRA, which was famously known as The Troubles. The country is in the process of implementing a peace deal with the group so as to cease fire. The IRA (the Irish Republican Army) is a Catholic paramilitary association whose objective was to constrain the British out of No rthern Ireland and to be brought together with the Republic of Ireland. This relationship has existed subsequent to 1919 and is said to be in charge of the deaths of more than 1,700 individuals somewhere around 1969 and 1993.We will write a custom essay sample on Conflict between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page Sinn F in is the political party in Northern Ireland which has had the nearest cling to the IRA. This gathering has official MPs who are lawfully chosen for Parliament in London. Notwithstanding, they have declined to sit down there as a dissent against British political and military vicinity in Northern Ireland.

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Hurricane Igor Free Essays

When going to cnn. com I found that right away it had the link that I could click on to see all of the information about how Bermuda is bracing for hurricane Igor. Also, there are links that you can click on to view videos and live feed to see how bad it actually is. We will write a custom essay sample on Hurricane Igor or any similar topic only for you Order Now This site tells you everything you need to know such as sustained winds, the wind gust, and the latitude and longitude of the hurricane. The one thing I found interesting is it gives you a picture of the projected path that it is going. It also tells you what category, or size, the hurricane is. As of right now CNN is saying that hurricane Igor is going to affect the United States east coast over the weekend. CNN also gives you a link that you can recommend this website to people on your Facebook. This is a good thing on their part because with the Facebook link people can like it and see this article on your Facebook. They can see that you went to this site and they might look at it and like it too. This means more publicity for CNN and more people will view the top stories on there. CNN has a big article on how sever and damaging hurricane Igor is. CNN also tells you about any other hurricanes or tropical storms that were or are going to be dangerous to the east coast or Bermuda and what their projected paths are. When I went onto MSNBC. com I found the article right away, with big bold letters that say â€Å"Bermuda braces for ‘long and punishing’ Igor. † This right away attracted me to click on that headline so I can get more information on the weather and Igor. After clicking on the link there is a big picture of someone boarding their house up to keep it safe. Down at the bottom of the website it gives you three options that you can tell people about this story. You can email this story to a friend, you can share it on Facebook or you can share it on twitter. These are three main ways that people can spread this story to others so that they are aware of how sever the hurricane is. MSNBC. com also gives you a huge, well detailed article written by Elizabeth Roberts. She stated how sever the weather was in the beginning of the week. It was a category four in the beginning of the week and it has now gone down to a category two hurricane. The reporter talks about the sustained winds and the location of hurricane Igor. She tells you where it is headed and where it is going to impact. They also have this interactive tracker that shows you three different hurricanes and you can click on each one to find out how sever each one is and where it is headed. This gets updated every couple of minutes. You can also put in your address and it will give you the 5 day forecast. You can also click on a link that will give you archives of previous storms. FOXnews. com was one if the difficult websites for me. I went to their site and I didn’t see anything on hurricane Igor that caught my attention. I had to really look for this story, and I found it as I scrolled down and there is a little box that has the latest news, most read, and videos. The Bermuda story was far down the list and you had to click on the link to go to the story. When going into this article, there are no pictures of hurricane Igor, it is all words. This site gives you an article by Rick Leventhal, in which he writes about hurricane Igor. In this article he states that hurricane Igor is a category two hurricane and how it makes landfall with sustained winds near 110 miles per hour, gusting to 130. Fox news also tells you that the last major storm was back in 2003. So that is a paragraph that was interesting because it showed how they haven’t had one since then. It gives you how a hotel business has gone down by 50% since hurricane season started; this isn’t good for Bermudas economy. You cannot share this with anyone on face book or twitter but there is a place that you can leave comments and you can get follow up via email if anyone comments on this story. There is a link that you can click on that will take you to the author’s biography. It also gives you a list of all the articles he has written and there are someone other hurricanes on there. There are many similar things that all of these websites have such as telling everyone where the hurricane is located. It also describes in detail the wind gust and when it is suspected to hit the targeted area. Now when it comes to the difference there is a bunch of them. CNN from the beginning of the home page gives you a picture to look at, but also gives you a link to click on so you can view more. When you are looking on CNN you can see how they use bold writing when it comes to the sustained wind and wind gust, also the latitude and longitude. MSNBC on the other hand uses the hurricane interactive tracker to tell you all of that. I found that this is very detailed and very helpful. It is a different kind of tool that you can use to really see where hurricanes are going and who will be affected by them. MSNBC and CNN give you the option to send the information to someone by emailing, facebooking, or placing it on twitter. This helps them get more viewers and makes their rating go up for how many people view the website. Fox news on the other hand is not at all appealing for the weather. You have to really look for the article and when you find it, all it gives you is the article. The difference here is that there is not enough information for me about the hurricane, Igor. How to cite Hurricane Igor, Essay examples

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Business Sustainabilit Society and Planet

Question: Discuss about the Business Sustainabilit Society and Planet. Answer: Introduction: Business sustainability can be defined as managing triple bottom line, which is a process used by the organisation in order to manage and handle the social, environmental and financial risks, opportunities and obligations. All of these mentioned impacts can be referred to as planet, people and profit (Boons et al., 2013). Being a student in the class, I have learned the sustainability related themes in proper manner. The lecturer of our class has mentioned the potential issues, and challenges, which may influence the business within a particular industry. Even he has mentioned the appropriate approaches to the sustainable business. The approach solely relies on the accounting based perspectives, which fail to capture the exact time element, which is inherent in the business sustainability. From this course, I have come to know only those businesses, which are closely interlinked with the healthy economic, environmental and social system are successful in todays competitive business w orld. Schoenherr (2012) has referred that the sustainable businesses contribute to the healthy ecosystems, economic values and strong communities. The entire discussion session has been changed my ideas and concepts on the subject of sustainability. It is an interesting fact that my class members also possess completely different view on this particular topic. I have clearly understood the triple bottom line, which is an accounting framework with three important aspects of business and an organisation. These factors are social, financial and environmental factors. I was unaware of this triple bottom line framework for evaluating its performance in the broader perspective for creating a suitable business value. The ecological footprint can be considered as a resource accounting tool. The lecturer provides lecture on the global footprint and asks our ways to reduce it. I have considered myself as a concerning person of the waste management, recycling used products before evaluating my ecological footprint. However, I was ashamed after know the result of my ecological footprint as I came to know that there will be shortage of resources in order to maintain my usual lifestyle. I will take some effective measure to reduce the issues that are revealed after reviewing my ecological footprint. I will change my food habits and will become vegetarian for supporting the green environment. This step will reduce the practice of over fishing in rivers, lake and oceans. Our concepts and ideas of business have been shaped by our education, relationships, thoughts and culture. The lecturer has focussed on the five forms of capital, which an organisation will employ for delivering heir services and products, human and social, financial and manufactured and natural. As the entire business world moves towards the maintenance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and create a sustainable business organisation, therefore, the management should enhance their existing stocks of capital assets (Vom Brocke et al., 2012). The lecturer has mentioned that it is very hard to maintain a perfect balance in between the sustainable practices and successful outcome of the business operations. This tutorial class clearly illustrates the impish link of starting and ending scopes of CSR. The lecturer has provided relevant notes and lectures on the related theories, approaches of CSR. There are huge differences in the maintenance of sustainable business practices within the large corporations and small companies. The phase model of Dunphy suggests a perfect model of the corporate evolution and an accelerated sustainability management (Benn et al., 2014). Dunphys six phases of the business approaches to sustainability involve the rejection, non-responsiveness, efficiency, compliance, strategic sustainability and the sustaining corporation. We have learned how the companies can employ this specific model for accelerating the sustainable business practices within the industry. This model can be clearly understood as a survival model and it can help an organisation to improve its basic level of profit by minimum 50%. Telstra is considered as the largest media and telecommunication company in Australia, which follow sustainable business practices in efficient manner ( 2016). The commitment of this particular company focuses on the employee involvement, environmental leadership and interconnection of the stakeholders. Telstra is committed of being accountable and transparent for continuing its business operation in the telecommunication industry of Australia. The organisational policies and practices of Telstra never stop strive for improving their traditional business practices and always maintain fair, sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound business in potential manner. Osborne et al., (2014) have depicted that ethical, sustainable and socially responsible business practices are important for modern business. After completion of this particular class, I am confident enough to choose excellent process of business operation with a proper maintenance of CSR and sustainability. This class will help me in future in potential manner for understanding the necessity of maintaining the sustainable business. It will also help me to take effective decisions regarding my future business activities. Three weeks discusses completely different matters in order to provide a detailed overview on the sustainable business practices of organisations. No single education system is suitable to design our knowledge and concepts of the sustainable business practices. However, this particular tutorial has transformed my concepts and I have realised the actual importance of sustainability in the business practices. The theories we have learned in this tutorial should be employed after determining the range of the regional business of an organisation. I have understood that alone the business community cannot creat e sustainability. References Benn, S., Dunphy, D., Griffiths, A. (2014).Organizational change for corporate sustainability. Routledge. Boons, F., Montalvo, C., Quist, J., Wagner, M. (2013). Sustainable innovation, business models and economic performance: an overview.Journal of Cleaner Production,45, 1-8. Osborne, S. P., Radnor, Z., Vidal, I., Kinder, T. (2014). A sustainable business model for public service organizations?.Public Management Review,16(2), 165-172. Schoenherr, T. (2012). The role of environmental management in sustainable business development: a multi-country investigation.International Journal of Production Economics,140(1), 116-128. (2016). Retrieved 5 December 2016, from Vom Brocke, J., Seidel, S., Recker, J. (Eds.). (2012).Green business process management: towards the sustainable enterprise. Springer Science Business Media.

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Women in the Workforce

Women studies were established to enlighten women about various issues that affect women due to the nature of their gender which is perceived to be weak. These studies were found necessary because some women were not aware of their rights and thus they were subjected to humiliation by the society hence they were denied equal opportunities with their male counterparts.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Women in the Workforce specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More There are organizations that assign duties to women and then under pay them while men are paid wages which are much higher for the same job. Women should use all means to ensure that they earn the same salaries with their team mates and thus they should check whether the difference is due to their gender. When women notice that they are being underpaid because of their gender they should arrange for an appointment with their employer so as to give the employer a room to explain his or her reasons. There are some administrators who think women are not as productive like men because they were born to take care of their children. Employers should give women equal opportunities just like men because they deserve them as long as they posses the relevant qualifications. Organizations should not undermine the abilities of women in achieving organizational goals because productivity in any organization does not depend on one’s gender but on the abilities and willingness to achieve desirable results. When women feel that their employer does not recognize their efforts they should consider boycotting their duties for some time to make employers realize their contributions. With this knowledge, it is important to include women in management positions and also buy their ideas in decision making process because they are also intelligent just like men. The major difference between women and men when performing duties is only that men are more masc uline than women and hence women can tire easily when doing manual jobs. The training offered at military training institutions has proved this perception to be wrong because while the recruits are being trained, they are given the same tasks and thus there is no separate training for each gender. The current shift from factory jobs to white collar jobs has seen many women join the workforce than ever before because a few decades ago, women were hindered from working since they were expected to take care of their children.Advertising Looking for essay on gender studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Vietnam war provided an opportunity for women in America to exercise their abilities but its certain that the then situation influenced employers to consider them because there were no men to work in their factories. All of them had been recruited into the army and were it not for the resulting scarcity of laborers, women wou ld have remained house wives. Since then women have realized that taking care of their children is impossible without a job. Thus, so many of them are pursuing higher education even when they are married with kids and their efforts have already started to bear fruits because more women are being accorded leadership duties both in governments and in organizations. In fact activists have been successful in their struggle for equality because most governments in developed and developing countries are reserving a considerable number of positions for women. In African countries, the society did not see the importance of educating the girl child because they viewed it as wastage of money. This is because as soon as she grew up she would be married off and would benefit the other family where she will get married. There are so many organizations that have been established to fight for the rights of women both at work places and homes. Gone are the days when women used to be beaten ruthless ly by their women because men thought by paying dowry they had been granted full ownership of the woman. Education has played a major role in enlightening women about their rights and most of them have realized they don’t need men anymore because they can meet their needs by themselves. This success that has been achieved by women is owed to their ambition and perseverance and men too should have the same ambitions. If you want to prove this statement to be right just visit any college during evening hours and you will notice the majority of students in those institutions are married women who come for evening classes after work because they want to advance their careers further. Some of these ladies are juniors at their workplaces but they are eager to climb the corporate ladder. Most men rarely advance their skills when they land their first jobs. Women have shifted their focus from marriage to their independence and that’s why so many are getting married at a later stage and some don’t get married but they don’t consider marriage to be that important because they want to have a say in their lives and thus they are taking high flying jobs such as chief executives and engineers among many others, which were previously taken by men. Men should therefore not look down upon women because time has proved women are also skilled just like men. This essay on Women in the Workforce was written and submitted by user Martha Y. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren was born on March 19, 1891, in Los Angeles, California to immigrant parents who moved the family to Bakersfield, California in 1894 where Warren would grow up.   Warren’s father worked in the railroad industry, and Warren would spend his summer working in railroading.   Warren attended the University of California, Berkeley (Cal) for his undergraduate degree, a B.A. in political science in 1912, and his J.D. in 1914 from the Berkeley School of Law. In 1914, Warren was admitted to the California bar. He took his first legal job working for Associated Oil Company in San Francisco, where he stayed for one year before moving to the Oakland firm of Robinson Robinson. He remained there until August 1917 when he enlisted in the United States Army to serve in World War I. Life After World War I First Lieutenant Warren was discharged from the Army in 1918, and he was hired as a Judicial Committee Clerk for the 1919 Session of the California State Assembly where he stayed until 1920.   From 1920 to 1925, Warren was Oakland’s Deputy City Attorney and in 1925, he was appointed as Alameda County’s District Attorney. During his years as a prosecutor, Warren’s ideology concerning the criminal justice system and law enforcement techniques began taking shape.   Warren was re-elected to three four-year terms as Alameda’s D.A., having made a name for himself as a hard-nosed prosecutor who fought public corruption at all levels. Attorney General of California In 1938, Warren was elected to California’s Attorney General, and he assumed that office in January 1939.   On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Attorney General Warren, believing that civil defense was a main function of his office, became the leading proponent of moving Japanese away from the California coast. This resulted in more than 120,000 Japanese being placed in internment camps without any due process rights or charges or any kind officially brought against them.   In 1942, Warren called the Japanese presence in California â€Å"the Achilles heel of the entire civilian defense effort.†   After serving one term, Warren was then elected as California’s 30th Governor taking office in January 1943.    While at Cal, Warren became friends with Robert Gordon Sproul, who would remain close friends throughout his life.   In 1948, Sproul nominated Governor Warren for Vice President at the Republican National Convention to be Thomas E. Dewey’s running mate.   Harry S. Truman won the Presidential election.   Warren would remain as Governor until October 5, 1953 when President Dwight David Eisenhower appointed him to be the 14th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Career as Supreme Court Chief Justice While Warren did not have any judicial experience, his years of actively practicing law and political accomplishments placed him in a unique position on the Court and also made him an efficient and influential leader.   Warren was also adept at forming majorities that supported his views on major Court opinions. The Warren Court rendered a number of major decisions. These included:   Brown v. Board of Education, which declared segregation policies in public schools unconstitutional,Loving v. Virginia, which declared anti-miscegenation laws (laws that enforced and/or criminalized racial segregation in marriage and intimate relationships) unconstitutional,Griswold v. Connecticut, which stated that the Constitution contains a general right to privacy,Abington School District v. Schempp, which prohibited mandatory Bible readings in schools,and Engel v. Vitale, which prohibited official prayer in schools. Also, Warren used his experiences and ideological beliefs from his days as District Attorney to change the landscape in the arena. These cases included:   Brady v. Maryland, which requires the government to provide exculpatory evidence to a defendant,Miranda v. Arizona, which requires that a defendant being questioned by law enforcement must be informed about his rights,Gideon v. Wainwright, which requires that legal counsel be provided to indigent defendants during Court proceedings,Escobedo v. Illinois, which requires that legal counsel be provided to indigent defendants during interrogation by law enforcement,Katz v. United States, which extended Fourth Amendment protection to all areas where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy,Terry v. Ohio, which allows law enforcement officer to stop and frisk a person if the police officer has a reasonable suspicion that the person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime and has a reasonable belief that the person may be armed and presently dangerous.   In addition to the number of major decisions that the Court released while he was Chief Justice, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed him to lead what became known as â€Å"The Warren Commission† which investigated and compiled a report about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In 1968, Warren tendered his resignation from the Court to President Eisenhower when it became apparent that Richard Milhous Nixon would become the next President.   Warren and Nixon had a mutually strong dislike for each other stemming from events that occurred at the 1952 Republican National Convention.   Eisenhower attempted to name his replacement but was unable to have the Senate confirm the nomination.   Warren ended up retiring in 1969 while Nixon was President and passed away in Washington, D.C., on July 9, 1974.

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Project Level 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Project Level 4 - Essay Example The academy needed an injection of cash to help refresh the campus and offer another two main courses. Information Technology and Nursing were decided to be the most in demand courses in the area and specifically I.T. so with the help of a local venture capitalist, who lives in the area, have decided to build three new state of the art buildings, one at each site, each with 10 classrooms with new computers and network. The expectation is to design the infrastructure of each site so that it is secure, reliable and inter operates with all of the other sites where necessary. There are 1200 students expected on the I.T course broken up into 30 classes of 20 over two (a morning and an afternoon) sessions each day. As well as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) option for people who are unable to attend college. East Anglian Academy has approached me as a consultant to design and implement a computerised system that will enable students and teachers to access resources both locally and re motely from anywhere with an Internet connection. Other staff there includes a Human Resources department, Accounts, and Security. The budget set aside for the project is ?2 million but with some movement if necessary. Initial time plan and estimated project costs February 1st initial proposal planning February 8th initial proposal planning February 15th initial proposal planning February 22nd initial proposal planning February 29th complete proposed project March 7th research March 14th research March 21st research March 28th research April 4th research April 11th research April 18th analysis and design April 25th analysis and design May 2nd analysis and design May 9th analysis and design May 16th interim submission May 23rd costing May 30th costing June 6th costing June 13th complete project report and present to class The estimated initial project costs are as follows Computer Costs: ?390000 Server Costs: ?49000 Routers Costs: ?8000 Switches Costs ?60000 Cabling Costs ?25000 Labo ur Costs ?100000 Total Project Cost: ?632000 Allocated Budget: ?2000000 Justifications Security –separation from the students, teachers and office staff data, so each person can only gain access to what they are authorised to. Shared resources – all sites will be able to access resources across all three sites if authorised Offload the time and labour intensive tasks, like backups, to third party companies Reduce costs – all of the systems implemented will be on an IP network and can leverage its functionality by putting the latest technology on it for things like telephones, video cameras, door entry system, building controls like heating and lighting, and also allow for the management of it all from any locally connected administrator computer Have fixed IT budget moving forwards Functionality The new system for Anglian Academy will do the following Link all sites as one network Centralise all management to the HQ campus but allow micro managing at the branch campuses where necessary for local issues Gigabit local area network speed Wireless connectivity throughout the campuses Move all HR data to the HQ campus Link all security cameras to the HQ campus Make available online course material for students (VLE) Give redundancy at each campus in the event of